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Commercial Services

Enhanced Technical Services Inc. offers a variety of quality commercial setting options.


  A solar array system allows businesses to be environmentally active and also increase profit by selling electricity back to their local distribution company.  Ask E.T.S. about Ontario’s F.I.T. program and how to increase profits with a solar energy system.  Let us take care of the application process, leg work, and installation,  you take care of the profits.

E.R.I.P. –

The Energy Retrofit Incentive Program is yet another incentive program offered by the province of Ontario to be more environmentally responsible.  The program pays for new lights and light fixtures that are more efficient than older existing fixtures, allowing for less demand on the hydro utility companies and also cutting your electricity costs.  The savings on your company’s electric bill will pay for the install!


E.T.S. offers an inexpensive power audit service which provides companies with information on the condition and quality of the electrical signal in the building.  Equipment like motors, compressors, condensers etc. can distort electrical signal and cause imbalanced phasing, voltage fluctuation, harmonics, and low power factor.  These conditions in turn cause bearing failures, breakdown of insulation,   reduced efficiency,  overheating of disconnects and transformers, increased noise and vibration, increased maintenance costs, and increased hydro bills.  Book a power audit for your building and see how much you could save!


Regular maintenance is an important way to avoid costly interruptions to your business.  E.T.S. is a full service company that will take care of your business’ ongoing needs. Call Enhanced Technical Services Inc. for trouble-free maintenance of your building.

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