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Install a solar array and get PAID!

Micro F.I.T. and F.I.T. programs through the government of Ontario and local electrical distribution companies allow you to make money, increase the value of your home, and decrease your carbon footprint virtually for FREE!  The Micro Feed-in Tariff program is an incentive for home owners to capitalize on the green energy movement and a way to help our economy and the environment.  Solar energy systems are long lasting, efficient, no maintenance, profitable and unlike older systems, esthetically pleasing.  The micro F.I.T. program is for 10kilowatt or less, residential systems.  As a home owner you will be paid 54.9cents per kilowatt guaranteed for twenty(20) years!  This is a contract held by the Ontario government, that is roughly ten(10) times the amount you’re buying it from your local distribution company!
Consider financing the cost of the complete project, amortized over that same twenty(20) year period.  The income generated would pay for the cost of the finance AND a profit.  Financing is available, however you choose to structure it, it’s like having a renter that never makes noise, is never seen, makes no mess or damage and will pay top dollar for a minimum of 20 years.  Enhanced Technical Services can register an HST # for you as your own business selling hydro back to the “grid”, allowing you the same tax breaks and incentives as any other business. In turn you will get the tax paid on your new money making solar array returned.
Call or Email Enhanced Technical Services for more details or to book an appointment for this new, green, profitable opportunity.

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